A Large Community Effort

Every member of our family worked on the Takoma Park mosaic project.   We started out in the classes, making ceramic tiles, learning to cut glass, and ultimately, making our own small mosaics which now proudly hang in our home. The classes were a good way to get a sense of the overview of the mosaic process so that when the work on the large piece on the library wall started, we were familiar with the steps involved.


During the work “at the wall,” we worked side-by-side with neighbors, old friends, new friends, teachers, police officers, babysitters, immigrants, and people we might not have crossed paths with in our daily lives. The commonality of working as artists to create something for the community brought together a diverse group of people in a way other community and social events do not.

The mosaic gave kids, ages 8 and 11, the chance to be part of a large community effort with benefits that span beyond the actual gluing of tiles to a wall. They were able to see how small efforts add up to big results, and how it takes many people working together to create a large project. We all enjoyed the creative outlet; a welcome relief from the daily chores of home, school and work, but even more, the result was a fabulous expression of community organizing for the benefit of the common good.  The benefits of working on the project are felt frequently when those who participated pass by and enjoy the beauty.


-Lois Wessel, Takoma Park