Highly Recommended

I have had the great pleasure of working with acclaimed artist Arturo during the fall semester of this year.  Arturo was hired to create a 66 foot mosaic mural with 150 Banneker Art Students.  The project was funded by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County.  

Over the semester I learned that Arturo is not only an amazing artist; he is an amazing art teacher as well.  Arturo is dynamic, energetic and professional with students.  Arturo’s passion for his artwork is highly evident and equal to his enthusiasm.   Arturo inspires a love and respect for art not only with students but with entire communities.   


Banneker is a fantastic school with wonderful students.  However every middle school faces specific challenges.  Arturo faced the challenges of Banneker with no reservations.  Banneker’s student population includes almost half of the 860 students on the Free and Reduced Meals Program.  Our outstanding special education department includes two full classrooms of students on the Life Skills Program.  Arturo worked in amazing capacity with students who have severe learning disabilities, intellectual defects, Autism, and Down syndrome.  Arturo made sure all students took part in each step of the artistic process from the planning to safe application of mosaic tile.  


I think the best part of working with Arturo is watching his work ethic and process.  He taught students to respect and create art while truly understanding how important art is to our community life.  Arturo taught our students and community about design processes, pitching ideas, safety, advertising for community events, writing to request donations, application processes, specific mosaic techniques, teamwork and discipline.  Arturo even promoted and organized Banneker’s first Community Art Day.  This event was a huge success where over 250 community members assisted in creating the Mosaic Mural for Banneker. 


I highly recommend Arturo for any art position.  Whether working with a community, children or alone you will get a one of a kind piece of artwork from Arturo Ho and a lifetime of knowledge and memories. Please contact me if you need any additional information.


Jennifer Espinoza

MCPS Arts Specialist

Art Dept. Chair, BBMS

Professor, Montgomery College - Ed. Dept.